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Replacing an 2003 sbs premium DC

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  • Replacing an 2003 sbs premium DC

    Hello everyone.
    I have a domain with an 2003 sbs premium sp2 DC, which I want to replace with a brand new one server (keeping the same windows product key). The running DC has active directory with users and permissions, logon and logoff scripts, shares (which the clients use with netuse scripts) and many programs that are running (such as time managers for the personnel). Second, the hardware of the two servers is completely different. So I think there are 2 options for me:
    1) Install w2k3 sbs premium to the new server using the old server's windows product key without of cource activating before the old one is down, and then try my luck with ntds util (I would appreciate some help here -I 've never done this before)...
    2) Use an imaging program (such as Acronis Enterprise Server with or without Universal restrore hoping that the new server will "see" the embeded raid hardware and will boot into windows.
    Any more ideas? Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Replacing an 2003 sbs premium DC

    for "SBS Swing Migration" or buy the kit from (absolutely brilliant and well worth the money). You may need some temporary hardware to keep the same server name

    Product key is unlikely to be an issue -- put off activation until the old one is decommissioned if you want. IIRC you also need to release any CALs although again I have reactivated CALs without issues
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      Re: Replacing an 2003 sbs premium DC

      I just don't get it!
      I don't get putting a 10 year old system on to new hardware.
      If your 2003 on it's existing hardware is running and still serving you fine, then all well and good.
      But if you are already investing the time, money and effort to replace the hardware (already a non-trivial task), I really think you should go the extra distance and upgrade the system to SBS 2011.
      Since you are talking about premium, then you will already have the license for virtualising the server - and it will pay for itself in about a year in saved maintenance.
      /<rant off>

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