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SBS2008 inbound mail problems

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  • SBS2008 inbound mail problems

    Hi, (newby so forgive me for any problems)

    SBS2008 all updates & SP's applied.

    we were using pop collection from ISP & just moved to SMTP everything was working fine for a few days but yesterday we noticed on all users that mail was not coming in when it should, customers were saying they sent email in the morning and had no response, this was due to us never getting the email. after testing i found that if i send messages from say a hotmail or gmail account the message arrived instantly, but if sent from a customer it either doesn't arrive or sometimes will arrive anything from 40 mins to 2 hours later.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: SBS2008 inbound mail problems

    I've had similar issues in the past when messing with DNS/MX records which i've put down to down to the router/ISP/server at the other end not updating their DNS regularly enough.
    By the time I've spent a day or two trying to solve the issue, its sorted it self out.
    I tend to leave all of the pop3 settings in place, and add in 2nd MX for the servers public ip, and switch the priority. Seamless transition everytime, with the added bonus that the pop3 mailbox acts as a backup MX in the future should server or dsl connection be down for any length of time.



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      Re: SBS2008 inbound mail problems

      This has now been resolved, it turns out that the ISP had added us to a spam filter & everything was going into a grey list holding folder for some reason.

      Thanks for your help.