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  • new to SBS2011 Prem and Virtual thingy...

    Hi All,
    Sorry for the long first post. I always seem to end up googling things and ending up reading post on this forum so seemed the best place to have my eyes opened. Thanks in advance for all assistance, hopefully I've posted to the most appropriate forum!
    Iím venturing into the world of SBS2011 with premium addon for the first time, (having done half a dozen std installs) and probably also virtualisation for the first time also. Iím a fast learner when Iíve got something in front of me to play with, but I have to admit to being totally lost at the moment trying to understand how it a works just from reading about it.
    So my scenario is 10 users business with SQL based LoB app. Currently running SBS2003prem on an old Dell sc1430. Backups done to usb disk using built in backup wizard (ntbackup). It is now all starting to creak and grown, so time to move forwards.....Hyper V with SBS2011 with svr2008 (and SQL) running as VM's, new hardware...
    Firstly hardware spec Ė
    Dell PE T420 or T620
    2x Xeon E5-2407 2.2Ghz
    32Gb RAM (4x8gb)
    2x 300Gb SAS in Raid1 (host)
    6x 300Gb SAS in Raid10 (VMís)
    PERC H710 512Mb Raid controller
    Dual port Broadcom 5720 1GBE NIC

    I think Iím going a little overboard here, but this needs to last them well, not least because of the demise of SBS solutions next year!
    Any viewís or recommendations on any of that? Particularly disk config and NICís.
    Network Config
    Iím confused by how the various Host and VMís utilise the NICís and IP addresses. Does each need its own NIC, and therefore network config? Is this allocated and setup on the host, or during the install of the VM? so do I require 3x NIC's
    I really need to make use of the USB2.0 disks they already have until such point they become too inefficient (talking 80gb at present), or require replacement anyway. But the general consensus seems to be this wonít work with the built in SBS2011/windows2008r2 backup due to the lack of USB passthrough from the physical host. (although many seem to claim to have it working with and without 3rd addins)
    Iíve been reading various bits and pieces, and I like the look of ďBackupAssist Hyper-VĒ which as I understand it will do full backups of both VMís from the host OS, to USB disk, not only allowing full image restore, but also file level (plus addon for mailbox level etc)
    Anyone any experience of this? Or better recommendations. Winning factor for me at present is the very low cost of it.
    I think that's my main concerns for now, but I'm sure there are a 100more things to come. Many thanks for your help.