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sbs2008: email cannot get to internet...

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  • sbs2008: email cannot get to internet...

    Today on our SBS2008 server something went "odd" with our NICs...but not really sure what or how I fixed it. We'll call it the "blind squirrel" troubleshooting. During that trouble shooting I disabled the NIC and set it backup on the same static IP...setting both IP4 and IP6 back to the same values. My guess is something got screwed up with bind to Exchange...but what do I know!

    So where is what I got with the SBS/Exchange 2007

    Receive emails from internet just fine
    Exchange users to exchange users are just fine on and off the LAN
    we cannot send emails to the internet.

    Starting to get delay notices from the exchange server but they are not very useful. I'll include in screenshot.

    What suggestions or troubleshooting guides does anyone have? Does Exchange have a troubleshooting program?


    1. No changes have been made on our firewall to prevent emails leaving
    2. We didn't use a smarthost but am considering trying it out via our ISP
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    Re: sbs2008: email cannot get to internet...

    Can your exchange server telnet out to the internet on port 25??

    Have you checked your Send Connector??


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      Re: sbs2008: email cannot get to internet...

      Thanks for the comments...I can telnet out just fine to other servers on 25.

      As far as the connectors they are there but I"m not 100% sure on what I should be looking for. Just read 101 websites and things look fine. Additionally, being a SBS server there are warnings in the Exchange Troubleshooter about IPv6 Protocol Not Supported but have ready SBS installs and requires IPv6 by default. The IPv6 address showing in this is not the address of the NIC I use! I could be way off track.

      Connectors look find using "all available interfaces" or however it's worded.

      Now after emails not going out since I got the system rebooted 6 hours ago I just saw about 30 emails go out the door in the last few minutes...and I have not made a tweak in over an I'm not sure if my issue is solved or this is just as concerning as I don't know what the root cause is.

      I know I"m all over the place!

      I'm going to review logs but haven't figured them out for exchange yet!


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        Re: sbs2008: email cannot get to internet...

        What did you try already to attempt and resolve?
        After NIC outage it might be good restarting the Exchange Topology Services.

        I always found running ExBpa to find any potential issues quite handy in combination with reading the Event Viewer Logs, in order to get some more info as to what might be happening.

        ExBpa is integrated, so you should be able to run it from Start>>Run

        It has a mailflow troubleshooter

        Another tool which I use is smtpdiag.

        Hope these tools give you a better insight.


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          Re: sbs2008: email cannot get to internet...

          Thanks Dutch...I forgot about the EXBPA as well as the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant until I was well after correcting the issue.

          To be honest I thought the built in NIC on the server (Dell) was toasted as I had this happen before. So I disabled the NIC before removing the static values and tried setting up on the "other" NIC that was disabled. Got many messages about same IP address although NIC #1 was turned off...then could get #1 back on. Went round and round for 2 hours with reboots taking to long due to missing NICs and eventually got it working on the original NIC although the name changed!

          Setup the original static values and everything was back up in running...only bad thing was for about 4-5 hours we couldn't get any emails out of house to the internet...although all exchange services were working. After another 3 hours of troubleshooting I went to dinner...only to find all the delayed emails went through 8 hours later.

          So I'm really scratching my head and concerned that this may surface again at a more inappropriate time.

          Going through all the EXBPA data now and getting educated. So everything is working right now except my ability to understand!

          Will review your help in detail.


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            Re: sbs2008: email cannot get to internet...

            Moved to SBS forum
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              Re: sbs2008: email cannot get to internet...

              Hav you re-run the Connect to the Internet Wizards since disabling and re-enabling the NICs? It's also worth running the Fix My Network Wizard. I'd also run the SBS BPA before running the Exchange BPA, making manual changes to anything in SBS when there is a wizard for it usually ends badly.
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