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SBS Performance Issues - producing reports

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  • SBS Performance Issues - producing reports

    Howdy pro's

    Ok so here's the situation (and Im sure youve all been in it one time or another) Manager says that the network is slow - we have a single ML330 which runs SBS along with file shares and obviously exchange, AV console, etc etc the drives are 72000 sata drives in a raid 10. We have roughly 40 devices with 25ish users - are you suprised its slow cos Im not.

    So Im trying to get some nice reports (the guy is IT illiterate) but everyone like nice colourful graphs, to show him if he wants better performance we need to spend some wonga... Im going to start by moving files onto an independant server which would lighten the load a little, dealing with large CAD files this would cause slowness iteself.

    So, the tool Im going to use is Perfmon (unless someone can reccomend a better one?) Just wondering if anyone could reccomend specific settings to demonstrate what Im trying to tell him.

    Just to give you an idea here's a grab of the disk report

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