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Add new email domain to SBS2008/Exchange 2007

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  • Add new email domain to SBS2008/Exchange 2007


    I hope someone can help me I need to add another email domain to our SBS 2008 server.

    This is the goal we want to achieve, have the work as normal so emails go into the current mailboxes

    We want to come into the server into there own separate mailboxes.

    What I have done so far:

    I have setup the DNS records to point to the server
    I have setup the new accepted domain in Exchange 2007

    What im unsure of:

    Do I need to create a new Email recipient policy or edit the existing one?
    Do I need to change anything with the send / receive connectors in Exchange?

    Any help would be great.


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    Re: Add new email domain to SBS2008/Exchange 2007

    if you want domain1 and domain2 to go into separate mailboxes (ie, [email protected] and [email protected]) then you need individual accounts for each of them,. Each of which must have it's own username and alias.

    apart from that - you're on the right track.
    the connectors - no need to worry - they accept email based on the accepted-domains, which you've already configured.

    only thing to do is decide whether you do definitely want each domain to a separate mailbox (this would be very, very messy, annoying and frustrating to try and manage) and then create two recipient policies, probably based on OU or group membership.
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