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Migration and new Insrall

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  • Migration and new Insrall

    have undertaken a new project, which I believe may be easier to accomplish with this groups assistance...I would appreciate any pointers you may be willing to offer.

    I am going to replace a raid system on a clients server, with a single faster drive, with the intention of maximizing throughput. I have tripled the onboard memory, cleaned the drives, adjusted and tweaked here and there and achieved a considerable improvement comes my next step.

    The current Chetah 36 gig 10k's are in their theoratical, last days, I am going with a Cheetah 15 k same size replacement drive. Cost is a client factor.

    The OS is SBS 2k with Exchange. SQL, MS Great Plains, Crystal Reports are utilised as components of AMS Database reports which utilises an IExplorer front end. There is not a trained experienced sysop on site. My task is to make their operations turn key easy and no cost utilising on site resources.

    I have a 300g storage drive with a USB 2.0 interface.
    This is where backups will be stored,

    I want my new Cheetah 15k rpm to have a dedicated partition, wherein all databases are stored. Further, that drive may have a page file partition of 4g in a FAT32 format, and therein may lie my delima.

    The previous installer for this client used too small a partition for C drive ( 8 gig) and all the rest for D. When I walked in C failed defrag due to how full it was, and was so slow as to be molasses-like. Part of that situation was doubtless created by the AMS database program, and it's sussequent growth over the years, not anticipated by that installer.

    My understanding of this situation has led me to believe that a proper partitioning of Drv0, and a simple ( daily, unobtrusive ) quick way to quickly backup those databases created --- combined with a easy to manage defrag tool running out of scheduler, with the already completed tasks of network upgrading and server memory upgrade...will go a long way toward happy camping.

    How would you partition the drive? What is the drop dead foolproof step-by-step way to get to my objective, without having to learn from my mistakes? Is it published anywhere?

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    Re: Migration and new Insrall

    Variation on Swing IT Migration. - you'll need a temporary second server but it could be your laptop. Store your data temporarily on your 300GB USB drive (make sure it and the server are USB 2.0, though)

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