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  • Okay to still buy SBS 2008


    My client has a server that is running Dual Core Opteron CPUs, 6gig ram and Windows 2008 Foundation. I plan on replacing the software with SBS but looking at SBS 2011 it calls for a Quad core. They have 20+ PC's so SBS 2011 Essentials would be near it's limit. Would you recommend going with SBS 2008 or would you try to get the client to replace the server with one that can handle SBS 2011?

    They currently have SBS 2003 running on old hardware and are using the Dual Core server as a file server.


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    Re: Okay to still buy SBS 2008

    IMHO the quad core is a recommendation -- SBS 2011 will run (just not as well as it could) on a lot lower specs than the recommendations. Cores are definitely flexible.

    As long as the RAM is sufficient (12-16Gb), I would go with SBS 2011 to get the benefits of Exchange 2010 and 3 years more support life.

    You could also investigate newer servers -- there are some bargains out there and if their current server has been around for 5 or more years (assumed since you mention SBS 2003) it is probably well overdue for a HW refresh
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      Re: Okay to still buy SBS 2008

      I second what Ossian wrote: Dual Core is fine, add as much RAM as possible, go with SBS 2011!

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