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  • SBS 2011/USB Fax Modems..

    Hi all,

    Hoping you can help - I have recently purchased a Conexant USB Fax modem which works well for receiving faxes...

    However I am unable to send faxes from any machine, including the server. We are running a mixture of Vista Business and 7 Professional - they can all see the shared fax but when I open the Scan and Fax application there are no fax accounts configured.

    When I try to add a fax account I get:

    There was an error configuring your account. Please contact your adminstrator.

    I have checked and double checked all of the settings and on the face of it things look fine. I am stumped as to where I go next.

    I know that serial modems are a potential resolution but I'd like to get this modem working. It's madness that SBS 2011 is so tricky to configure for faxes.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!