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installing sbs 2011 PAO after sbs 2011 std up and running

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  • installing sbs 2011 PAO after sbs 2011 std up and running

    I have sbs 2011 up and running -- now I bought the sbs Premium add on
    I want to set up virtual server for RDP

    The add on infers that I can add this feature after I am up and running.

    Serveal posts on the internet seem to imply that it is necessary to start with the add on and set up windows 2008 std and then run the sbs as virtual on it

    As stated I already have the sbs 2011 up and runnning, I now have turned on the hyper V which seems to turn on just fine. Can I set up the PAO windows 2008 r2 std as virtual under the sbs 2011.

    If so how do I nstall it when I ran the setup on the download it seemed like it was gong to install windows 2008 and I sure did not want to install it over top of the sbs 2011.

    Need some assurances here

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    Re: installing sbs 2011 PAO after sbs 2011 std up and running

    NO! SBS cannot be a virtual host. Not only is it unsupported, some of teh services don't work. That is why you have seen several articles telling you to install the SBS as a VM on the Server 2008R2.
    You know have choices: buy a second physical machine, install Windows Server 2008 R2 on it, install Hyper-V, install second edition of Winserv 2008R2 as a VM in it along with SQL and RD Services. You could also skip the virtual machine altogether and install directly onto the server. Alternatively you could P2V your existing SBS, install the Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V, configure your SBS VM, and install the second server(SQL+RDS) VM all on the one machine.
    Before you install RDS, have you checked ou the Remote Web Access in SBS 2011?

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