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SBS 2011 slow access to a network drive

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  • SBS 2011 slow access to a network drive

    First of all, hello.

    I'm having problems with access from a application via network maped drive to a sbs 2011 share. If one user runs the app from his computer the access times are ok, but when a nother user opens the app and starts to access the share the time to read from she share rises from 2 sec to 20. I have tried everything and still don't know why.

    I have moved the application files to a new server and the computer have been replaced with new ones.

    OLD setup:
    ESXi with a Win XP machine for the share. The computers were also XP. No domain.

    NEW setup:
    Same ESXi with a SBS 2011 Standard. The computers are now Win 7. In a domain.

    With the new setup and the share for the app on the SBS server the acces times for multiple users with the app go up for a 100%, but with only one user it is OK.

    The app is an old business application, that still works on Win 7.

    Tried dissabling antivirus...etc. all the logical stuff. and no go.

    Random ideas are welcome.
    Does the SBS have such a diferent way of comunicating with maped network drives than XP that is coult clop down the app so much.

    P.S. the app access the files from she server - share via a maped network drive (it goes for the drive letter). The app creates a number of diferent sessions to the files it needs per user. Circa 15 per user.

    The network DNS and DHCP is the SBS. Computer set up via DHCP, tried with static, no change.

    I'm willing to try it all.

    Thank you, and sorry for the english, I try