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Has Anyone Done This? Looking for Ideas

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  • Has Anyone Done This? Looking for Ideas

    I operate a SBS 2003 server that has a broadband connection via a Dynalink RTA230 ADSL Router. There have been occasions in which the server undergoes a "planned" reboot (remotely) and the internet connection never seems to get reestablished correctly OR under certain conditions the RTA230 seems to lose it's internet connection because of line noise or local lightening flashes... in either case the problem can be "fixed" by simply rebooting the modem but that requires me (or someone) to drive to the server's location. Since the server isn't responsible for negotiating the PPPOE link (the router does that) - the server doesn't excersize any control over the RTA230 or the connection.

    I believe I have a "fix"for this but I'm wondering if anyone out there has a better idea or even another idea. My "fix" involves using an ISA Server 2004 "connectivity" task. A task can be setup to occasionally "ping" my ISP and setup a "no connectivity" alert that would kick off a script whenever the server failed to get a response (say after 3-4 times). The script (Windows, Java or something) would negotiate a Telnet session or control a telnet session with the RTA230 and force it to reboot. I'd like to find a "scriptable" telnet application to do this with.

    Has anyone else ever tried this approach? Can anyone suggest a "scriptable" telnet application ( I don't mean text redirection or "sendkey" solutions).

    Thanks in advance for any comments.
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    Re: Has Anyone Done This? Looking for Ideas

    1. Please check why you have line problem.
    2. Replace the router with Netscreen 5GT ADSL or Fortinet 60A.

    This will help you to secure the network and eliminate the need to manually reboots.


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      Re: Has Anyone Done This? Looking for Ideas

      Thanks for the response...

      My line problems are really not the issue; most modems have a high tolerance for spurious noise and the occasional glitch.... I don't believe that changing the hardware is necessarily the best solution ... Line problems are a fact of life; and no matter how filtered they are or how "clean" they appear to be... software stacks and protocols can and do find themselves "out of sync"... "confused"... (call it what you like)... Human intervention (pushing the on/off switch) is usually very effective in resoving the "unexplained"... I'm looking for a programatical alternative to "pushing the on/off switch" - I'm just wondering if anyone has been able to ensure that their internet connection "recovers" when their ADSL modem has been left unsupervised (with a similar configuration) using the method I've described...


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        Re: Has Anyone Done This? Looking for Ideas

        I had a similar situation, when employees in a different time zone who needed access to the server, invariably found there were problems when it was 2:00am for us. The solution involved a RAS modem, which allowed you access to the internal LAN. From there, it was simple to reach the router from the LAN side and initiate a reboot. Not so elegant as the script you propose and still requires human intervention. However, it saved a drive to the office at 2 in the morning!

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          Re: Has Anyone Done This? Looking for Ideas

          I *did* manage to find a scriptable telnet that seemed to work.It's fairly simple in that you can either "WAIT" for a specific response or "SEND" a command. I can programatically telnet to the modem, enter the user id and password and using the menu, I can navagate to the screen that allows me to reboot the modem... however, after rebooting the modem I can no longer access it using the user id and password. I'm certain it's a bug... I have no idea what the user id or the password is and the only way to get back into the modem is to reset to it's factory defaults.... In addition, the scriptable telnet application doesn't allow me to test responses to be sure that I am where I *think* I am... if anything goes wrong (for example, the response isn't what the "WAIT" is waiting for... it sits there and doesn't go any further... it assumes that WAIT string is always the same predictable value... this isn't what I had in mind... the theory behind using a script is a good one... I'm convinced of that... I just have to find the right program or the right combination of telnet and scripting.