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  • Site to site setup

    I have a problem and I would appreciate some advice as to the best solution.
    We currently have two offices at different locations one in Kent one in London. The office in Kent has Server 2003 and supports just the clients at that location. The London office is now looking to put in a server but wants to ensure smooth data flow between the two offices including exchange and email.

    My solution would be to put a new SBS box to act as the DC in the London office and use the Kent office server as a BDC on the same domain, with a vpn link between the two. However I have been looking at other options such as domains and child domains and was wondering what the best solution would be??

    Finance is a major consideration which is why I opted for the SBS solution...

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    Re: Site to site setup

    In your situation i would install one Server 2003 DC at each site with a VPN connection between them. Go as fast as you possibly can.

    Make Kent the main DC which will hold all the FSMO roles. Install an exchange server at this site seperate from your DC, i.e. on another server. Install a server in Londona and add it to an existing domain, the one created in Kent. Depending on the speed of the connection and the amount of traffic accross the links will determin whether or not to install a second exchange box on the new site.


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      Re: Site to site setup

      Do you have Exchange in the mix? Do you want each site to have an Exchange server? That could determine if SBS is a viable solution or not.

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