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POP3 Connector error - Event ID 203

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  • POP3 Connector error - Event ID 203

    Hi Everybody,

    Seemingly out of the blue, I have started getting an issue with mail not delivering through my POP3 connector in SBS 2008.

    In the SBS event log I am getting event ID 203 which says "An error occurred while delivering mail to '[email protected]' on the SMTP server 'localhost'. The error code was 0x800ccc6c. Verify that the mailbox exists and that the Exchange receive connectors are configured properly."

    This happened about a week after a large email got stuck in the mail server mailbox and had to be deleted. When this happened my SBS tried to download and failed so many times that my hosting provider blocked my IP and I had to contact them to get it working again.

    When this happens if I reboot the server I get mail delivering ok for about 2-3 hours and then it stops and starts showing the above event in the logs again.

    I had a search and found some pointers to adding an Accepted Domain in the Hub Transport section under Exchange Organisation but when I looked my domain is in there but now as an External Relay domain. When I try and change the option to External Relay it reports that it can't do this as the setting is in the proxy configuration?

    Can anybody offer any advice please?



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    Re: POP3 Connector error - Event ID 203

    Do you have enough free disk space? over 2Gb?

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