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SBS 2003 name resolution AD vs Netbios

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  • SBS 2003 name resolution AD vs Netbios

    I'm not sure that I am posting in the correct forum, if not - I apologize...

    Here is the problem, I am the IT coordinator at a small business.
    Our DC is a Windows Server 2003 SBS box.

    Over time, client computers have been repurposed and renamed (this was done by the previous IT person).

    Now, when I run an I.P. scanner (Advanced I.P. scanner v2) on our subnet, most of these redone pc's show the correct/new name under AD resolution, but the old name under Netbios resolution.

    I have confirmed that the names both work (by pinging from command prompt).

    I know I can correct this by parting each PC from the domain, then rejoining it; however, is there an easier way to update the Netbios resolution on the server?