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SBS server not configured to use SBS advantages

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  • SBS server not configured to use SBS advantages

    I am a volunteer at my sister-in-law's office. Here's the situation:

    She has a very capable Windows 2003 SBS server in her office. The person who "set it up" used none of the SBS software. However, SBS is installed on the box (it appears to have been installed at the factory), but nothing is used. All IP addresses are static, some computers are daisy chained together local printers, and rather than a switch with the correct number of ports (thus the dependent printers) there is an older switch chained to a home router... You probably get the picture.

    The server is, unfotunately, also the doctor's work station (insert groan), also the file server for the office's data (medical charts, patient information). No AV - and I think no firewall except for the isp. Clients now have AV.

    When I inhereted the network, the clients had not been updated since initial install (all running xp svp 1), the server software had never been updated, the data had not been backed up (despite bills for the services), even the locations and configurations of the applications are not good.

    Of course, I updated everything, and have been able to trobuleshoot and improve the system so it has been stable for nearly 6 months in its current state.

    I want to enable the SBS 'advantages' so the network can actually be managed by the server. This will allow me to create a true network - complete with office-wide printers, and allow them to push software upgrades/updates, manage users, and manage security.

    Any ideas about how to proceed with changing over to using SBS - and what to watch out for? The office will be closed for a week and I hope to deploy this at that time. I can not wipe the server and start over - nor do I think that is necessary. I've never reconfigured a server in SBS (but have book on it now and get the gist), and want to make sure that I 'translate' from the current mess - that works inefficiently, but works - to one that takes less time to manage so I can focus on helping them with the applications they use.

    Thans in advance - and sorry for the long post...there's a lot of ground to cover with this one.

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    Re: SBS server not configured to use SBS advantages

    Does the server have Active Directory installed? Is it acting as a server in anyway, or is it just the doctor's workstation that happens to be using that software?
    Why can't the server be re-installed? Is there some medical software on it that nobody knows how to get it on there?
    If you want it to look like SBS, behave like as SBS and run everything as SBS, then it has to be SBS, whcih can only mean re-installing it from scratch. Since you are supposed to have a week to sort it out, I would sincerely recommend that you buy a decent switch, a new computer for the doctor and learn how to do a swing migration back to same hardware and voila, you will have SBS.
    All IMHO of course

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      Re: SBS server not configured to use SBS advantages

      Alternative to the above excellent suggestion by our SBS Guru; if you are not overly familiar with SBS then get an SBS professional in to do the job, watch him like a hawk, ask lots of questions and learn as much as you can.

      If you had the time, you could have checked out the excellent Train Signal SBS 2003 Lab
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