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SBS2003-2011 Exchange Question

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  • SBS2003-2011 Exchange Question


    I am currently migrationg SBS2003 to SBS2011 Std following Dematzer's guide.

    Migrating users across now and I have found some problems. Firewall is still pointing to old server for https/smtp. New server is all SSL'ed up.

    1. Any users with a mailbox on the old server are fine, can access outlook/owa.

    2. Any users on the new server cannot even log in via webapp internally, after logging in they just get a blank page

    3. Any users with a mailbox on the new server cannot even open Outlook.

    Looks like it'll be another 24-36 hours yet before I'm completely done migrating the exchange mailboxes, wanted to basically verify co-existence is going to be working for Monday..!

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    Re: SBS2003-2011 Exchange Question

    external users won't be able to access mailboxes on the new server - Exchange cannot proxy the front-end between 2010/2003.

    Any of the existing clients who cannot open outlook, you will need to recreate their profile I suspect.

    users with mailboxes on the new server need to logon to the OWA for the new server, not the old one.
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