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sbs 2003 - RWW - reconfig new Dlink router

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  • sbs 2003 - RWW - reconfig new Dlink router

    I manage IT services for a small company that runs SBS 2003 and RWW. They had an older DLink router/firewall (product support ended on it in 2006) that had settings for a virtual server and DDNS (maybe?) setup so that users could access RWW from outside the network. The SBS server has a single NIC and does not run the Windows Firewall.

    Yesterday the Dlink died. ANd although I have a backup config file that is a few years old, I don't have a way to restore it to a device to find the settings.

    I do have the information on the static IP's for the router and RWW settings and on the new DLink router I purchased for them, I set up the settings following these articles:

    (I understand these pertain to sbs 2008 and 2011, but the fundimental settings should be the same for 2003).

    After enabling all the ports for the virtual server settings, we are still unable to access the RWW from outside the network. I have tried enabling DDNS. I have even tried going out to Godaddy and pointing the domains DNS to the static IP for RWW. But I cannot get this functioning.

    Keep in mind - this has worked flawless for many years up until yesterday's DLink hardware failure. So obviously, I am missing something in the new router config.

    In theory I should not have to change anything on the SBS side, as I am not changing any IP's or any other settings besides updated router. The router has the same internal and external static IP's. It has the same DNS settings for the ISP. The DNS A record on the SBS server has not changed.

    What information can I provide you all to help me diagnose this problem?


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    Re: sbs 2003 - RWW - reconfig new Dlink router

    firstly - dns can take a little while to fully propagate.

    Secondly, and you probably are testig this, butit pays to make sure
    When you try and connect to RWW, are you connecting from outside the network ?

    what happens when you try and connect to RWW ?
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      Re: sbs 2003 - RWW - reconfig new Dlink router

      In general, make sure ports 25, 80, 443 and 4125 are open from the router to the server's internal IP
      (some other optional ports:

      Your ISP should be able to give you all the other settings you need to get internet access
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        Re: sbs 2003 - RWW - reconfig new Dlink router

        I have made sure ports 443, 4125 are open and for extra measure, I even opened port 80 and 25. (Following documentation I referenced in original post).

        The RWW works fine from the internal network. In that I can browse to the sbs2003 server from ie, access and log into rww.

        External Internet (email, etc) is working fine with the new router.

        The external access was working for years (6+ yrs this server has been online) until the old Dlink router died on Tuesday. Replacing it with a new Dlink router and setting up the Dlink "Virtual Server" settings (which essentially is port forwarding). But we still cannot access RWW from the outside.

        DNS - on the domain side, DNS is resolving. I can ping the domain by name and it resolves the IP for the external static IP for the RWW system. It resolves - but the IP is not pingable.

        I repeat - this system was working fine with the old DLink router that had a simple virtual server setup and DDNS setting that pointed the external address to the internal server.

        I have tried to setup the new router with virtual server settings to open ports 443, 4125, 80, 25 and a few others, all pointing to the internal Server ip address.

        I have tried setting a DDNS in the DLink to point the external static/domain name into the internal server

        When that still failed, I went out to the domain host and pointed the domain name directly to the static IP. (this step has never been in place, but it was worth a try since the DDNS on the router wasn't working).

        I am really not sure what else to do.


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          Re: sbs 2003 - RWW - reconfig new Dlink router

          I guess I missed asking this before..

          When you test the port forwarding for the RWW, are you inside the network, or outside the network?

          If you want to shoot me a PM with an IP address or DNS name, I'd be happy to test it some time today from completely outside your network.

          The reason I'm saying this, is because alot of consumer grade routers (and I'm sorry, DLink are not business-grade. Barely even SOHO grade.) don't let you loop-back to public ports from within the network.
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            Re: sbs 2003 - RWW - reconfig new Dlink router

            From inside the network - I can open IE and browse to the RWW server name (internal server name, not domain name) and I have full access to RWW.

            Although, if I try to telnet to the router ip ( to port 443 it fails to connect.

            From outside the network I can't do anything. Ping tests fail to the public IP I have set up for it.

            But says that ports 80, 443 and others I've tested are open when tested from inside the network.

   shows all ports are closed when I test from outsdie the network.

            Router is Dlink EBR 2310 - and it should be capable of handling the port forwarding needed for RWW. It is also a temporary solution. We have a juniper router on order waiting for it to arrive and be config'd as a permanent replacement. In the mean time, their remote workers are unable to work.

            I am physically located outside their network. I am accessing their systems thru our remote administration utilities, so I can get into the server and router remotely to make changes and test.


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              Re: sbs 2003 - RWW - reconfig new Dlink router


              This is exactly the point I'm trying to make. From within the network, if you telnet to on port 443, it's NOT going to work with your NAT rule, because it's not listening for connections on that port and IP Address.

              if tells you that ports 80 and 443 are open, then chances are fairly high they are open. (THis scans from outside)

              ignore the fact that it doesn't ping, alot of routers disable ICMP as a security measure.

              From your outside network, please try:

              telnet PUBLIC-IP-OF-CLIENT 25
              and port 443
              and see what happens.
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