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Server 2003 bind 2008 with TS Gateway

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  • Server 2003 bind 2008 with TS Gateway

    We have an accountant that needs access only to our TS which doesn't have a public IP. For that reason I was thinking to use RWW to give him access to the TS. To be sure he can access the TS only in AD on the account properties I selected Logon To and chose the TS. This doesn't work till I add the SBS box here. Without it the user cannot even access RWW. When this done the user can access RWW aby fails to log on to the TS. Only when I select All Computers in his account properties he can log on to the TS. TS Gateway CAP is set to allow all Domain Users. in RAP I have a policy for Domain Users access to Terminal Server computers which group my TS is a member of. In the Security log on the 2008 server I've got 4625 logon failure Reason %%2312. Nothing on the TS

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    Re: Server 2003 bihind 2008 with TS Gateway

    Looks like Terminal Services and RRAS is always the thing no one feels really comfortable about


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      Re: Server 2003 bihind 2008 with TS Gateway

      For a similar situation I've had to put the TS in the Computers OU (MyBusiness\Computers\SBSComputers). It then shows as a Workstation and not a Server and you can then assign it to users as you would any other workstation in the SBS Console.

      There might be a better way to do this but it worked OK for me.

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