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Godaddy cert install problems (sorry!)

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  • Godaddy cert install problems (sorry!)

    I replaced the self-issued cert with the Godaddy and it did not work. Following general advice I Rey-Keyed the cert at Godaddy, downloaded it and installed (including the intermediate one which I think just overwrote the previous one) using the Console and the Sean-Daniel process. Console said it worked. Now when I go to that URL I still get a 403 page and I can only logon with the old remote URL but with certificate error messages.

    I have also exported the certificate and imported it following the certificate import help as the certificate was not listed in the Console Import (trusted cert) cert list page (only the self signed ones belonging to the old domain). Still same problems. I now have listed in the mmc yet another certificate now named with the new remote domain name as well as the Godaddy ones (two of all these!).

    No clue now as to how to get the !!!!! Godaddy cert to work and I have Outlook users having to click passed the certificate warning page and unable to use Outlook remotely as it baulks at whatever has changed.

    Any advice on how to sort this mess out most welcome at this stage. Having paid 54 for 5 years I cannot afford to start again (e.g. if I remove them). Anyway, how do I either go forward or back when I appear to be in the middle of a swamp with no view of dry land (got to joke haven't you)?

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    Re: Godaddy cert install problems (sorry!)

    What are you using the certificate for (yes, I know SSL - but Exchange, IIS...?)
    Which version of SBS?
    Can you give us a screenshot of your certs console?

    You should be able to re-key at GoDaddy so you will not have lost your money if you re-create the cert
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      Re: Godaddy cert install problems (sorry!)

      After importing the certificate into the local computer certificate store (note, when you import the certificate using the certificate MMC snap-in, make sure you select Computer and not User or Service) did you open the SBS Console and configure the Trusted Certificate there?

      We can deal with the Outlook cert issue once we know the cert is configured correctly on the server.

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        Re: Godaddy cert install problems (sorry!)

        Hi wich version of SBS server are we talking about?
        2008 or 2011?

        Did u use the wizard? see here

        if u go manuall most of the time u will ran in to trouble or u must exactly know what u are doing.