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  • recover file permission

    Hi ,

    My one of the client is using a sbs 2000 , but suddenly his server hdd crash but luckily he got the backup . Now he configure ntfs permission on no of folders and files inside it. Now even after reinstall the AD with same domain name and same users earlier if he apply a permission on folder the same permission is not automatically apply to the no of files inside. I check the option apply permission to files and folders inside but its not applying the permission correctly.

    So is their a way we can apply the permission to sub folders and files at a time with command line or else with GUI.

    Please help


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    Re: recover file permission

    Surely permissions inheritance will take care of this -- properties/security/advanced

    Or tell them SBS 2000 is no longer supported and they're on their own...
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      Re: recover file permission

      As Ossian suggested, force security inheritance from top folder.
      Which backup software they used for backup?
      some backup softwares have ability to restore permissions on folders too.
      worth to discover option in backup software.
      Check backup data has permissions on folders. You can use softwares that can copy only permissions from source and destination directories


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        Re: recover file permission

        Hi ,

        Thanks for your reply ,

        They used windows NT Backup , i already tried permission inheritance option but still permission applied up to the one folder only , not to the files inside.

        Actually with all the files and folders first i have to take ownership as a administrator and then need to assign manually to admin and finance group. Is there a other way where i can apply permission to the root folder and it will automatically applied to all sub folders and files inside.



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          Re: recover file permission

          Has the option in the folder Properties, Security tab, Advanced "Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects" been enabled?
          Is the Owner of the folder the same as before the restore?
          Have you checked the Effective Permissions of the accounts trying to gain access to the folder(s)?
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            Re: recover file permission

            Strange! ntbackup replaces teh file permissions exactly asthey were IIRC.

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