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SBS2008: Why system process (PID=4) scanning USB disk?

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  • SBS2008: Why system process (PID=4) scanning USB disk?

    Our SBS2008 server has a USB HDD connected which is used for on-site backup of data files. It uses a single-instance-store (SIS) method to store the last 35 revisions of about 130k files.

    For some time I've noticed that this USB HDD is often (but not always) busy when it shouldn't be in use. Resource Monitor shows that System process (PID=4) is reading the backed up files.

    I recently used xperf to look for more details on this access, but I can only drill down to the point of seeing that FileInfo.sys is actually accessing the files. This doesn't tell me any more about why the the files (or their info) are being read.

    Can anyone explain why System is scanning these files, and how I can disable it (since it seems to slow the backup process)?

    Thanks, John

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    Re: SBS2008: Why system process (PID=4) scanning USB disk?

    Anti-virus scanner or similar?

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      Re: SBS2008: Why system process (PID=4) scanning USB disk?

      If it was antivirus, then we would see McShield.exe (McAfee VScan 8.7i) as the parent process, not System.exe. (But just to make sure we have the USB disk in McAfee's exclusion list.)

      Having System.exe as the parent process implies that this is some low-level Windows subsystem at work. But what would cause System.exe to scan dozens if not hundreds of files at a time, all from an external disk?

      I first thought of indexing, but the Indexing Options control panel shows it disabled.

      Other suggestions? Thanks.