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  • Problems with TSWebApp

    The situation is as follows: SBS 2008 with 2008 Standard holding the TS role, a brunch office connected via LAN-to-LAN VPN. All computers (whole 5) are not members of the domain.

    All users work on the TS mainly with Outlook, Word and Excel and the TS doesn't have a public IP so only local access involved. I added these applications to TS WebApps. I also added Domain Users to local TS Access Computers group (I know... but the help file says user groups are fine).

    The idea was to create installation packages that will show up on those brunch computers and so users can just click a shortcut rather than logging on to the TS. When a user clicks the shortcut it starts to connect and then nothing happens. The application doesn't show up.
    When I do that on the SBS server logging on as a Domain user it works fine. Anyone has any experiences with that?

    BTW how would I change http://TSservername/ts to something like http://apps or at least http://TSservername/apps ?

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    Re: Problems with TSWebApp
    1. This is a TS problem not specifically SBS
    2. I would join all computers to the domain so that I can manage them and see what is going on
    3. Not really sure what it is that you are asking.
    4. Users will only be able to connect between the hours of 10:30 amd and 2:00pm since it is a brunch server (Sorry I couldn't resist)

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      Re: Problems with TSWebApp

      I'll move the thread to Server 2008 group then.
      Must have been thinking about missing my brunch again when typing it lol