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Duplicate emails from global mailbox

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  • Duplicate emails from global mailbox

    We have Windows SBS 2003 with Exchange server 2003 for years now. Our server is being updated on a regular basis.

    We collect our emails from a global mailbox from our internet service provider with the build in pop3 connector from exchange server.

    Since two weeks now, whenever a mail is sent to multiple internal recipients the same mail is duplicated by the number of internal recipients. So each person gets the same mail several times.

    I found an article: "" that says that my ISP can easily solve the problem on their server. According to my ISP (one I have a good experience with for their support and knowledge) this cannot be solved on their server. Still according to them our Exchange server should bundle the messages into one and remove the duplicates based on an identical mail header.

    As a result Iím stuck with duplicated messages. I already learned the following:

    - When checking our mailbox on the ISPís server with webmail: there is an e-mail for each recipient. I cannot check the message ID with webmail.

    - With the message tracking tool of Exchange server I see that each incoming message that is delivered to the multiple recipients has a different message-ID so it will be difficult to remove duplicates based on the mail header (I think)

    - The mails are delivered to [email protected], [email protected]
    Is it normal that pop3conector is used for internal mail delivery?

    Can I check the message-ID of the duplicate e-mails before they are delivered locally to the users inbox. Are these headers being changed while they are handled by our exchange server?


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    Re: Duplicate emails from global mailbox

    I can't really help you here as the days of global mailboxes are long gone IMHO. Switch to SMTP and a real IP address (or a dyndns one if you really can't afford it) and let your Exchange do the real work it was intended for.

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