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SSB 2011 Redirected Folders Windows 7 Trouble

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  • SSB 2011 Redirected Folders Windows 7 Trouble

    Hi all

    I've been playing around with this for weeks now, read lots of info about this online but nothing seems to hit the spot.

    I have a couple Anytime upgraded Windows 7 laptops on a fresh install SBS 2011 server.

    I created the users and configured redirected folders.

    All was well until the laptop users went offsite when, you've guessed it, no access to desktop or documents.

    That sounds logical, particularly since offline files was not enabled on the laptops. So, I enabled offline files and restarted but now I can't browse the redirected folders even when online. I can't even browse to
    \\ Server\redirectedfolders\username to try 'Make available offline'

    If I disable offline files, everything is fine again - still have no offline access though.

    This install relies on redirected folders, too many users keep too much data on the local machines so they're not backed up. Redirection seems like the perfect solution, except that I can't make it work!

    Please help!

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    Re: SSB 2011 Redirected Folders Windows 7 Trouble

    Just to be sure-

    are the laptops connected to the domain?

    Also, I had a kinda related issue like that a couple days ago. Did a chkdsk and it worked after that..


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      Re: SSB 2011 Redirected Folders Windows 7 Trouble


      Yes, all laptops are domain members.

      I'll try a chkdsk, but my "test" unit was a fresh install so I'm not sure whether there's anything for it to do.

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        Re: SSB 2011 Redirected Folders Windows 7 Trouble

        Hi can you check this (on yr win 7 pc) : go to the sync center, in the sync center you see an option
        "manage offline files" tic it en check under the tab encrypt if the files are encrypted if so click unencrypt.
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          Re: SSB 2011 Redirected Folders Windows 7 Trouble


          I tried that, they're not encrypted.

          However if I try to enable encrypt files, I get a message saying unable to so I click disable and now it's not able to do that either!


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            Re: SSB 2011 Redirected Folders Windows 7 Trouble

            Still messing around with this.

            I figured that it has to be permissions somewhere so I started to look at this. Everything looked the same so I decided to start again. I unshared the FolderRedirections folder and noticed that the Win 7 clients could still see the share, unable to access it but see it in the list like any other.

            I reshared the folder, clients still have no access, added a second share to the same folder and gave Everyone full permission (as the default) and hey presto! the clients could access the new share no problem.

            Don't forget, the share permissions are the same on both shares but there is only one set of NTFS permissions so how did this happen?

            Anyway, we're not quite there yet as my XP clients are now struggling but there's a ton of info out there about this, I'll post again when I'm fully fixed.