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  • SBS 2011 premium add-on only

    I recently purchased a poweredge server online which gave me the OS options of: SBS 2011, OR SBS 2011, premium add-on. I was intending to select the full version of SBS WITH the Premium add-on. But it didn't give me the option of both, so I just selected the premium add-on.

    I got the server and ran the SBS 2011 Premium Addon disks, which proceeded to install Windows 2008 R2. And the second disk looks like it includes SQL.
    So basically I ended up with Windows 2008 R2 and SQL. The funny thing is that this is actually just what I wanted. The only reason I went for SBS is because it was cheaper than buying 2008 and SQL separately.

    My question is whether this is legal. And if not why did it allow me to install it this way without any trouble?

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    Re: SBS 2011 premium add-on only

    read this, see if it helps..?

    if that link doesn,t work, second google response for "sbs 2011 licensing"
    is a microsoft PDF
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