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SBS2008 and TS remote apps

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  • SBS2008 and TS remote apps

    I have a separate 2008 standard box to run the terminal server where a couple of applications are installed that users access remotely via connecting to the TS. To connect to the TS one of the brunches relies on a leased line with a managed ciso device at both ends. The TS has it's own Internet connection. A new branch has a LAN-to-LAN VPN established. This however is quite unreliable. How would I add these applications to the Companyweb so they can access them even when the VPN is down?

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    Re: SBS2008 and TS remote apps

    I am not sure the question you asked is what you meant or you are using confused terminology.
    Companyweb is the Sharepoint Intranet supplied with SBS. However, if you mean RWW/RWA (Remote Web Workplace/Remote Web Access), then you can make the TS available via the Connect to Computer section. There is a good article in the SBS Blog which explains exactly how to do this.
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      Re: SBS2008 and TS remote apps

      Man you got me You're absolutely right. I completely confused myself. I meant the RWW. That's where I'd like to see links to these apps. The registry key is already there and it's not the whole server I want them to connect to but just a couple of links the the remote apps
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