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  • ISA Firewall question


    I have SBS2000 with ISA2000. Most of the ports are now closed for security reasons except the standard ones (443, 8080, 1080 and so on). I have a software on one of the client computer and i need it to connect to internet directly to aquire licence. ISA doesn't allow it. I've installed Firewall Client on that client computer, but it doesn't seem to connect to the ISA Firewall. All it writes is "Configured to use ISA Server MAIN" or "ISA Server could not be detected"

    First question - will the Firewall Client solve this problem about direct access to the inet?

    Second question - what can be the problem about connection between ISA and Firewall client?

    I've reinstalled Firewall Client but it didn't solve anything, restarted the MS Firewall service, also no results.

    Please help.
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    Re: ISA Firewall question

    In ISA 2000 with the Firewall Client, when it says "All Protocols" it actually means "All Protocols configured in ISA" So you need to find out what ports your application need to use and define them in one of the sets (probably Protocols - but I don't remember by heart)

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      Re: ISA Firewall question

      "find out what ports your application need to use and define them in one of the sets" - didn't work. The program tries to connect and then throws "Request timed out in Inet".

      Is there a way I can make this client computer NOT to go through the ISA Firewall? Some direct access to the internet? Maybe through a proxy? If anybody knows how to configure such thing, please post. Any suggestions on how to make a client comp access internet avoiding ISA firewall are VERY welcome.

      By the way, I found out why the Firewall client was crashing - heavy network traffic. It's all in here -
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