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RWW - Connect to servers for non domain admins

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  • RWW - Connect to servers for non domain admins

    We have recently taken over a small company that has existing SBS 2003 server. In the interest of cost and of not disrupting the users too much during the transition, we have to keep this server in production for a while.

    SBS 2003 is setup with RWW (remote web workplace) for external access. There are two other terminal servers in the organization that are setup for RDP for the users to get back into to access applications.

    Users are all setup with Domain Admin's permissions. When working remote, they log into RWW, go to Connect to Servers and access the servers for remote. Being in the medical industry, this is a big Hippa violation that I want to clean up. Secondly, this existing config allows users RDP into the SBS 2003/Domain controller. Thirdly, I want to limit access to a 3rd TS server that hosts Quickbooks to just the accounting folks.

    The config is such:
    SBS/DC SBS 2003
    TS #1 Server 2003
    TS #2 (quickbooks). Server 2003

    All three servers are in the "Server Computers" group in Server Manager on SBS. They all show up when a Domain admin logs into RWW. So according to my research, this is working correctly.

    I've created a test user and assigned that test user to Remote Web workplace as well as member of Remote Desktop Users.

    When I log into RWW as the test user, the main menu screen only shows "connect to my computer at work" which then only allows it access to the computers group on the network.

    I've been googling all day trying to find a way to make members of Remote Web Workplace group have access to see the Connect to Server Desktop on the main menu. Is this possible? I need to remove these users from Domain Admins group and make them regular users with remote access.

    I've gone thru these settings (and many others found in several other links )
    and since these are existing 2003 servers - those reg edits already exist. They show up only for domain admins.