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  • Occasional email lost....

    Hi everyone,

    I don't give up easily but I'm banging my head on an issue I just can't work out.

    I had a user report an email missing in their Outlook Inbox, we know it was received as we can see it as valid in our external filtering platform and even when I search using the Exchange Toolbox - Message Tracking (SBS 2008 ) I even released it for a second attempt at delivery, I see it appear in the logs as received/duplicate but again nothing in the inbox itself.

    Receive - SMTP
    Resolve - Routing
    DEliver - Storedriv
    Receive - SMTP
    DuplicateDelivery - Storedriv

    But the message is nowhere to be found.

    All other email appears to be fine, just the occasional rare odd one just seems to vanish.

    Content Filtering on the SBS box is also disabled as I found this to cause a problem in the past. And the end-point av is not reporting any problems/detections.

    Any suggestions on what I could do to further track what's happening? or is it just gremlins in the system??

    Thanks in advanced for any comments
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    Re: Occasional email lost....

    If the tracking logs report it as delivered, assume it HAS been delivered (wouldn't trust users further than I can throw them...)

    What about Outlook rules doing somethnig to it?
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      Re: Occasional email lost....


      Like you say most problems reside between the keyboard and the back of the seat, however in this...surprisingly I can't blame them.

      As for Outlook rule, none are present so couldn't blame them either.

      Hence my suspicion of Gremlins !