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SBS 2008 VPN doesn't work after replacing network adapter

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  • SBS 2008 VPN doesn't work after replacing network adapter

    I have had to replace the network adapter in our SBS 2008 server. Using the SBS Server Console, I re-assigned the server IP settings.

    The workstations on the internal network can connect to the SBS server fine, and SBS can connect to them. However I have setup VPN in the console and prior to the network adapter replacement it was working fine, but now when someone VPNs in all they can do is RDP or ping the SBS server over the VPN - trying to RDP or ping any other address on the network fails. In addition any workstation on the network cannot ping a VPN computer, though SBS can.

    So far I've tried removing and reinstalling the network adapter, reinstalling Routing and Remote Access, and disabling/enabling VPN using the SBS Server Console.

    I'm really stuck with this one and would appreciate any help.