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SBS 2011 Std - Unable to receive mails from external domains

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  • SBS 2011 Std - Unable to receive mails from external domains


    I'm not a techie, but having taken up the responsibility of learning and installing an in-house hosted server for our organization, I've downloaded and installed SBS 2011 Standard without any glitches.

    Installation is fairly smooth.

    But before I go on further, I've done the following before starting the installation:

    1. DOMAIN is registered with a domain hosting company, and a static IP is obtained from our ISP (i'm using 4 MBPS 1:4 contention DSL/Wired-Broadband) for 40 users). Our domain is wwwdotOurCompanydotcom (this being my first post, I was not allowed to use dots between www and ourcompany, please dont mind, and please assume . in place of dot)

    2. ISP has updated the PTR of our static IP address to :

    3. The default MX records of the domain provider was deleted and added a new MX record as below (using domain control panel):

    Name :
    Class : IN
    Type : MX
    Priority : 10
    Value : mail.OurCompany.Com
    TTL : 28800

    Status of thee above record shows as "Active".

    4. Added an A record as below:

    Name : maildotOurCompanydotcom
    Class : IN
    Type : A
    Value : {our-static-ip-quartet}
    TTL : 14400

    Status of thee above record shows as "Active".

    5. Added CNAME as below :

    Name :
    Class : IN
    Type : CNAME
    Value : wwwdotOurCompanydotcom
    TTL : 38400

    Post Installation, I was able to successfully completed the following tasks listed on Windows SBS 2011 Standard Console :

    A. Connect to internet - no warnings/errors
    B. Setup Internet Address - setup as mail.OurCompany.Com as the FQDN.

    No errors, except the warnng received for not able to access to router to configure ports (coz of Cyberoam 25i firewall. - Port

    However, I've also taken the help of our firewall guy for opening ports 25,80, 443 and 987 as listed in the documentation, no issues in this I guess.

    C. Configure SmartHost - Selected "I do not need to configure SmartHost to send internet mail" . No errors. (Is this any issue).

    D. Add a trusted certificate - Installed the available certificated provided by SBS. No errors, here.

    Post installation, I haven't done anything on the server, except creating 4 or 5 standard users.

    I. Now, I am able to access my server "" thru RDP (internally and from data card)
    II. Am able to login thru web acdess, internally and thru data card
    III. Am able to send mails to external domains
    IV. Able to send mails to internal users

    However, I am not able to receive mail from external domains.

    The NDR to the sender (of external domain) contains the following error :

    Hi. This is the qmail-send program at someserverdotcom.
    I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.

    This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

    <[email protected]>
    {Our-Static-IP} does not like recipient.
    Remote host said: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay Giving up on {Our-Static-IP}

    One more thing I would likee to report is : the NSLOOKUP tool shows "Server Uknown"

    Request help and guidence on whether I have done anything wrong in the above procedures.

    Thanks in advnce,
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    Re: SBS 2011 Std - Unable to receive mails from external domains

    Well I set our ISP MX record to the IP address they gave me. So any mail coming in gets sent direct to the server. Presumably you have the correct checks in place to protect against these raw emails as you are not using your ISP mailboxes as a smart host.


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      Re: SBS 2011 Std - Unable to receive mails from external domains

      550 5.7.1 - unknown recipient - unable to relay.

      this means one of two things.

      1) the email address for the user is bad, incorrectly typed, etc.

      2) the authoritative domains don't match.
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        Re: SBS 2011 Std - Unable to receive mails from external domains (COMPLETED)

        Thanks Omits and Camel,

        I encountered 2 problems in that.

        1. The CNAME in the domain settings was the culprit. Once, I removed that entry, the tests ran successfully from testexchangeconnectivitydotcom.

        2. The domain from which I was sending a test mail, was not accepted by this new SBS server, however, mails from yahoo, gmail, and all others were reaching the SBS server.

        Sorry to have bothered you all with this, but nevertheless, Its now done.

        W.r.t putting proper measures in place as suggested by Omits, I have a cyberoam firewall with proper routing, antivirus and antispam rules, apart from the antivirus to guard the SBS server. I guess this would be sufficient, however, please advice in case.

        Thanks a ton, all the more !