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domain indexing

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  • domain indexing

    i need to ask for smart it help
    i have sbs 2008 and my users have windows 7 and win xp

    the domain users trying to find docs on my server with desktop search
    but the indexing is not perfect (indexing network drive)

    and option to share the index with the server index

    Please help

    and many thanks

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    Re: domain indexing

    Please describe exactly and clearly what you are trying to achieve, since it's not clear from your post.

    Also please describe what you have tried so far.
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      Re: domain indexing

      i try to index the network drive in my sbs and to share the index with my users

      when users try to find data with windows search:

      windows xp + windows search find the data

      but windows 7 find few of the data

      now i installed google desktop and its working(on windows 7 pc)