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Issue with Local Drive Redirection in Terminal Sevices

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  • Issue with Local Drive Redirection in Terminal Sevices

    I have a 2003 SBS with a 2003 Terminal Server that I have inherited to maintain. I have a user that would like to mapp there local drives when connecting to the terminal server. Easy right??? Well, I simply clicked the boxes in the local RDP client to allow drives... nothing. I went into the TS configuration manager and made sure it was allowed... Nothing... I went into AD on the SBS server and made sure local drives in TS session also was selected and that there are NO GLOBAL POLICIES in place on the OU..... Still nothing.
    Now I can log in as administrator and they map fine. I can create a new user copying the administrator and that user can also map across fine. I can move that user into the same OU as the one having issues and it can still map fine.
    I have also matched all the security group from administrator and the user with issue mapping. No difference.
    I am at a loss here and welcome any help. As I said, I inherited this network but I cannot seem to fix this issue. Many thanks in advance for any help.