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Client PC does not install Outlook

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  • Client PC does not install Outlook

    I just added a new PC to a windows 2008 SBS server and for some reason, it did not install outlook on the client PC?

    Apologies for the noob question, as I am sure there is an easy solution, but I could not find anything on Google that could shed some light.

    How do I deploy it now that the client PC is connected to the server?

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    Re: Client PC does not install Outlook

    You do realise you have to purchase office? it's not part of 2008.

    unless you've got it set up to install through group policy or something, but again, you'd still need to check you've got enough licences.

    you can use outlook web acess though, open IE and go to
    servername/owa using https

    with the name of the server itself instead of 'servername'

    sorry I've not posted enough times and the forum won't let me post something that looks like a URL

    edit: eh, now I've got 5 posts lets see if it will let me do a URL
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      Re: Client PC does not install Outlook

      se5a is spot on.
      just adding a computer to a domain does not give it access to outlook.
      you must purchase an appropriate licence for microsoft outlook.
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        Re: Client PC does not install Outlook

        Just to point out that this is an Exchange thing. Exchange 2003 included an Outlook (2003) license for every CAL you bought. Exchange 2007 stopped this practice as they claimed 1) OWA was much improved 2) you probably bought Office anyway so you did not need a separate Outlook license.
        This is what the SBS team got to include in SBS 2008 when they "bought" the Exchange 2007 license to include in SBS 2008.

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          Re: Client PC does not install Outlook

          Good point teiger, I'd forgotten about that.