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User Properties Mismatch

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  • User Properties Mismatch

    Recently did a migration from SBS2003 to SBS2011 for a client. While I don't know if this issue was present prior to the migration, it was only brought to my attention now.

    There is a user (example username: sales) that was used by another employee in the past (name: michelle). When other employees within the organization start to email the SALES user, the recommendation that comes up in outlook shows as: Sales <michelle>

    The other problem, is that some emails that users receive from the SALEs user, they comes in as if they were sent from the older user "Michelle".

    How is it that i can correct these issues?

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    Re: User Properties Mismatch

    What "recommendation"?
    If it is Outlook that gives you the sales <Michelle> as you start to type then that is part of the Outlook Nickname file and you just delete it as it appears in Outlook (Press DEL when the name is highlighted).
    You have to do this for each user that has a profile on each machine.
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      Re: User Properties Mismatch

      I tried deleting it, but it came back right away, which leads me to think it is part of the GAL that Outlook is getting.