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SBS2008 re-install server

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  • SBS2008 re-install server


    I have a SBS2008 server running Exchange, Sharepoint and AD DS. I would like to reinstall everything because the server has a lot of issues and since we are moving Exchange and Sharepoint to a cloud based solution. We will only retainj de Active Directory function and eventually the shared folders for the users.

    The goal is to have a temporary server running as the AD DS (I have a fressh virtual Win 2008 available) while I reinstall the server (without Exchange and Sharepoint)

    Once the new server is installed I would like to migrate from the virtual to the new one.

    How can I do this without loosing my Active Directory structure and loosing the domain functionality with 50 clients?

    Thank you.


    PS: i can install a temp server with Windows 2008

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    Re: SBS2008 re-install server

    if you're moving to cloud-based solutions, take a look at the Essentials version of SBS 2011 - it's designed to co-exist with cloud solutions iirc.

    To maintain your directory details, your best option is a Swing igration

    although, now i read your post again.. if you already have a spare server you can use

    breing up the server, let the domain replicate to it
    ensure you move all the FSMO roles
    demote the old server, remove it
    install the new one again..
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