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Moving file to root drive erases owner and security permissions

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  • Moving file to root drive erases owner and security permissions

    First time poster and I have read the forum rules. Please forgive if I forget a rule. I apologize in advance for the block of text. I am attempting to be thorough.

    I am currently having an odd issue with SBS 2008.

    Here are the symptoms:
    -When a file is moved from a folder under a subfolder to the root drive, the file loses the current owner and requires administrator permissions to view the security permissions.
    -Without the ability to replicate consistently, a user will edit a file under the said subfolder and will receive an error stating that they do not have permission to open the file. Upon inspection the file will show the same symptoms as before.

    Some background:
    -Inheritance is on and is being forced to all subfolders and files.
    -UAC is on the server

    What I have tried:
    -Forcing the Domain\Administrators and Domain\Users group for the security permissions with inheritance to all folders and sub folders
    -Forcing the Domain\Users group to be the owner of all files in said folders and sub folders

    What fixes it temporarily:
    Adding the Domain\Users group as the owner and adding the Domain\Users and Domain\Administrators group to the security tab. After this fix you can replicate the issue again by moving it back to the root of the drive.

    One thing worth mentioning other if you move a test file from a sub folder to the root of the drive and it erasing the permissions, is that if you move it back to the sub folder it will give its owner and security permissions back.

    1. What I receive when copy/moving a file to the root. (showing UAC is on)
    2. What the security tab looks like after moving the file.
    3. What the owner tab looks like after moving the file.
    4. What the security permissions look like if you click Continue to view permissions. (the Domain\Users group is normally supposed to be in there)

    Thank you in advance!
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    Re: Moving file to root drive erases owner and security permissions

    Originally posted by

    When copying or moving files and folders within or between NTFS volumes, remember this key concept: Whenever Windows must create a file or folder as a result of a copy or move action, the file or folder will inherit permissions from the destination folder
    does this help you at all... ?
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      Re: Moving file to root drive erases owner and security permissions

      Originally posted by tehcamel View Post
      does this help you at all... ?
      Thank you for your prompt reply tehcamel!

      Unfortunately that does not help because the file created does not match the root permissions.

      Honestly, moving files from one folder to another doesn't have much user impact. I only mentioned it because it seemed to match the problem that causes the user impact.

      To be more specific:
      A user will use Microsoft Word and will open a .doc file. That user will attempt to save the file and somehow in the process, the file's security permissions will be erased. And when I say erased, I mean erased. I have to add users back into the security permissions.