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Changing of domain on SBS2000

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  • Changing of domain on SBS2000

    Hi there

    I have just inherited a network with a SBS2000 server. Currently the server is using the external domain as it's internal domain, i.e. both on internet and for internal domain and mail setup. Is there any way of changing the internal domain to domain.local without reloading the whole server from scratch? Or could the slow logon's and network problem experienced be sorted out by using the DNS/proxy to first query the server for name resolution, and then only allow it through the ADSL connection onto the net?

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    Re: Changing of domain on SBS2000

    Have you tried this


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      Re: Changing of domain on SBS2000

      Like it says, yes and no. In my situation, no. Which would then be the best/easiest route be to try and keep the internal traffic inside and not going outside? Reloading the server with the correct settings, or setting up the DNS and ISA to control things?


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        Re: Changing of domain on SBS2000

        Instead of going the domain rename route, you might want to consider setting up a split-brain DNS namespace. Take a look at the following white paper from MS:
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          Re: Changing of domain on SBS2000

          DON'T even think of trying to rename an SBS domain. Think of either reinstalling from scratch or chewing a brick - either have more pleasant results!
          There is nothing inherintly wrong with having instead of domain.local. (BTW .local causes problems if you ever connect a Mac OS X)
          Of course, if you have a company web site hosted externally (as per recommended practise) then you have a problem getting to www.<domain>.com. However that is easily fixed, by inserting the www record in your server's DNS pointing an A record with the external IP. Similarly for any other externally hosted sites. Also make sure at ALL costs that all NICs are pointing to the (internal) NIC of the server for DNS ie in default setup all machines will have for DNS whether done manually or by DHCP.

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