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Outlook 2007, Xp Pro joined to SBS 2008

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  • Outlook 2007, Xp Pro joined to SBS 2008

    Sorry to jump in on this post but I have a problem with Outlook 2007 on an Xp Pro machine domain joined to SBS 2008

    For some reason everytime the user opens outlook they are always prompted for their username and password so I check to see if Outlook anywhere was turned on and it was.

    So I unticked it and restarted outlook and Outlook anywhere keeps enabling itself.

    The user does not need outlook anywhere setup on the desktop PC.

    How do I turn it off?


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    Re: Outlook 2007, Xp Pro joined to SBS 2008

    Post split to a new thread. Please do NOT hijack another Member's thread. ALWAYS start a new thread even if your problem seems exactly the same. Ta.

    I have doubts that this is an SBS problem but more of an Outlook one.
    Try this from a post I made in 2005 but it was for Outlook 2003)

    I ticked User Identification (Always prompt for username and password), closed Outlook and entered the Username and Password when it started (and ticked the Remember my password option). After it synchronised, I removed the User Identification tick and restarted Outlook. Connection still worked.

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