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.Net framwork 2 problem

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  • .Net framwork 2 problem

    hi all , this thursday my server made an autoupdate for .net framwork 2 , the server is SBS2000.

    since then i get an error in the event log , application, somthing like 10 error a min!

    the error number is 1008 and the source is Perflib and looks like :

    The Open Procedure for service "ASP.NET_2.0.50727" in
    DLL "C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspne t_perf.dll" failed.
    Performance data for this service will not be available. Status code returned is
    data DWORD 0.

    anyone had this problem ? , can i do uninstall to .net framwork safly ?! my log file is a mess full of errors...

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    Re: .Net framwork 2 problem

    Did you checked my answer in Microsoft forum?

    . Please backup the server.

    2. Navigate to:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\ASP.NET\Performance

    3. Create a new registry DWORD value: On the Edit menu, click New, and then
    click DWORD.
    4. Type Disable Performance Counters in the Name box.
    5. Right-click the Value icon, click Modify, and then type 1 in the value
    Data box.
    6. Quit Registry Editor.
    7. Reboot the server.

    Please update us if it helps becuase there no offical answer or known issue
    on the problem as I know.
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      Re: .Net framwork 2 problem


      This is rudy I also have this problem with my sbs 2000 sites and I have about 20 of them. My sites that are running just windows 2000 server do not have this problem, any help would be wellcome. Also if I do the fix will this cause any problems with this product in the future.




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        Re: .Net framwork 2 problem

        I tried what yuval14 said and it did not work, any other ideals.



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          Re: .Net framwork 2 problem

          hi rudy , as u see i "HAD" that problem , tried all kind of things till i gave up and dont uninstall .Net framwork 2.0.

          and walla... all back to normal... now im with .net 1.1 with all service packs and running fine.

          if youll manage to fix this error ill be happy to know.

          ps. i have server 2000 and server 2003 and there it works ok, i think it really somthing with the SBS2000 version...

          well, at least you know its safe to uninstall it

          byebye , rAVx


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            Re: .Net framwork 2 problem

            Perhaps this illustrates a good reason NOT to let a server of any kind autoupdate. Test the updates on your Virtual SBS first - you can build one in Virtual PC, Virtual Server or VMware on an old machine, single disk etc.
            Failing that you could a least trawl the newsgroups or forums such as these to see if anyone in a situation similar to yourself has had any problems with updates.

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