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Sbs 2011 Essentials Folders and Permissions

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  • Sbs 2011 Essentials Folders and Permissions


    I have a couple of questions regarding SBS 2011 Essentials for which I can't find clear answers.

    1-What is the purpose of the Users folder which is automatically generated for each user and How can a user access it

    I understand that the Company folder is a general folder for all users to read/write to.

    2- I am using both folder redirection and roaming profiles.

    Roaming profiles are saved in \\SERVER\profiles$
    So users can't see them

    Folder redirection is saved in \\SERVER\UserFiles
    I tried adding a $ but it didn't work, even when I modified the group policy the client pcs couldn't find it.

    I am having a lot of trouble with permissions. Obviously I only want the specific user and Admin to be able to
    View read and write to the users folder in the roaming profiles folder and the folder redirection folder.

    At the moment I have completely messed up the
    Permissions to both these folders. Some users can access other users data and some can't. How can
    I fix this. Is there any way to clear all permissions for these folders and start again so that a user can only access their own folders.

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    Re: Sbs 2011 Essentials Folders and Permissions

    AFAIK you get REdirected folders ina folder called \\SERVER\User folders\Resirected Folders.
    I personally think that roaming profiles are a bad idea and shouldn't be used together with redirected folders.

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