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2 SBS domains, one router

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  • 2 SBS domains, one router

    I've got two separate companies.
    One internet connection, one sonicwall pro 2040
    One SBS 2003 and one 2011.
    The printers are on the SBS 2003 company.
    Both companies need to print to the printers.
    I need to keep the companies separate because SBS wants to be the DNS and DHCP servers. The only thing shared between the companies are the printers.

    How can I do this?
    I don't know how to do vlan's but if I do how would both servers have print queues that print to the network printers if they are on separate subnets.

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    Re: 2 SBS domains, one router

    you could create a 3rd subnet, and put the printers in that subnet, on static addresses.

    then create a route to that subnet, from both networks.

    alternately, you could try giving each server an additional IP address in the other suybnet, but that could end up Bad.
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      Re: 2 SBS domains, one router

      I think, at the end of the day, it is simpler to buy and manage two separate routers - and it probably won't cost much more, if you factor in the charges for your time.
      IMHO, of course!

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