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Remote Desktop through VPN problem

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  • Remote Desktop through VPN problem


    I'm hoping someone can help solve the intermittent problem I've been having with RRAS service.

    Enviroment details:
    SBS2003 DC (only 1 server on the network). A dozen or so PCs on the network, some are Win7 pro and some are WinXP pro - all have RDP enabled and are on the domain.

    Clients just need to remote into their office PCs from home.
    They connect to the VPN and use remote desktop (RDP) to get to their PCs (reserved static IP setup in DHCP).

    Has been working fine for years.

    Here is the problem:
    Sometimes the clients can not RDP into their PCs.

    I test it and here's what I find.
    - VPN works fine.
    - External RDP into the server works fine.
    - External RDP into their PC does not work.
    - Internal RDP from the server to their PC works fine. Just not external through the VPN.

    So I can get into the client PC if I VPN and RDP into the server and then use remote desktop in the server to the client PC.
    So the problem isn't the client PCs. And it's not a router port problem as it works most of the time.

    I have a workaround fix. Restarting the RRAS service gets it working.

    When RDP externally is not working, the RRAS service says it's running and has no error event logs associated with it.

    So seems to me like something is wrong with the RRAS service on the sbs2003 server as restarting it fixes the problems, but doesn't explain why RDP to the server works everytime and it's only client PCs that have the problem.

    Any ideas or has anyone had this problem before?

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    Re: Remote Desktop through VPN problem

    Why do you do this? Why do you use a VPN? Just use your workstation to connect to Remote Web Workplace (RWW) at your FQDN/remote ie Make sure you have port 4125 open on your router/firewall. You will get a full menu from RWW inclding connect to your computer at work. As an added bonus, it's more secure!

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