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  • Play games out of work hours


    We are looking at a way to allow users to have access to a folder based on the time of day.

    Normally we have a fairly comprehensive list of software that is restricted (via hash in the GPO) but we have quite a few people who stay late currently (waiting for buses, partners to collect them etc) and we are looking at allowing them to use certain software outside of work hours i.e. Solitaire.

    We are looking at possibly sharing a folder with a modified executeable (to avoid the hashing GPO) but would like to restrict access to that folder to say 6pm -> Midnight.

    I understand we would need to set the NTFS permissions up so that the users permission is effectively only Traverse Folder / Execute File to prevent them copying the file to their desktop and playing whenever they want.

    Is this possible or should I look at another approach?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Play games out of work hours

    Please confirm that this is on an SBS machine. Ta.
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      Re: Play games out of work hours

      How about if these users read a book, listen to music or watch videos on their smart phones, browse the internet, etc., etc.

      Honestly I've never heard of such a thing. Setting up a share, accessible only for 6 hours a day, so that users don't get bored waiting for the bus? Seriously?

      What if they get hungry or have to go pee-pee? Who's going to help them with that?


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        Re: Play games out of work hours
        1. Learn cacls/xacls command(s)
        2. Schedule task to give permissions at 6:00pm
        3. Play away
        4. Schedule task to revoke permissions at 12:00am

        You asked.
        We provided.
        This had better be SBS!

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          Re: Play games out of work hours

          Wot, not Wizard???
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            Re: Play games out of work hours

            biggles77 - yes it is on an SBS 2003 machine.

            joeqwerty - to paraphrase Alfred Lord Tennyson, ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and die My boss has asked me to find a way to do this, my answer, especially in this economic climate, is 'yes sir'. If he wants me to find a way to support the users if they get hungry or need to go pee-pee, I will try and find a way. Whilst I agree in principal with your sentiments, I'm not going to take a stand on an issue like this while I have bills to pay I hope you understand.

            teiger - thank you - I will investigate this route unless there is a better way that you would recommend. and yes, it is SBS

            Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply and help out, even if you don't think it is the right thing to be doing!


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              Re: Play games out of work hours

              just tell your boss that the financial ramifications of your taking the time to learn how to do this outweighs the desired outcome.

              Basically - if you can show him that it's going to take approximately 25 hours of your time, to write an XCACLS script to do this, and that would take you away from real work, he may change his mind
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                Re: Play games out of work hours

                If I thought it would genuinely take me 25 hours to learn the scripting, I would probably change jobs

                Looks pretty simple using icacls. Set up the share with the acl I want for acess, export it to sharing.acl. Set up the acl on the share so it is blocked, icacls c:\games\* /save Blocked.Acl /T.

                Set up a job to run icacls c:\games\ /restore sharing.acl at 6pm, and another job to run icacls c:\games\ /restore blocked.acl at midnight.

                Or have I missed something?

                Though I do appreciate, again, your sentiment. If I did believe it would take a heck of a lot of development I would put it to my boss. If he, in his PHB wisdom, still decided he wanted me to implement it even though I have pointed it out it will take several weeks of labour and possibly revoking a few laws of physics - I'll do as I'm told. His company, his money, his rules


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                  Re: Play games out of work hours

                  Separate, time limited, logon account with permission on the games
                  User logs off after day job
                  Logs on again as "LamerGamer"
                  Plays games
                  Logs off and goes home

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                    Re: Play games out of work hours

                    -=bb=-, True enough about not asking why... although sometimes you do need to ask.

                    If this is something you must do, then you must. Good luck with it.