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SBS 2011 Sharepoint through ISA

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  • SBS 2011 Sharepoint through ISA

    Good morning!!

    New to these forums, hope to stick here for a long time!

    I have an issue regarding SBS 2011 & SBS 2003..

    We use SBS 2003 for our DC, and I have SBS2011 std. in a virtual machine.. I'd like to poke a hole through the ISA server in SBS 2003 so I can access my SharePoint site through the internet.. As it stands now,

    I can goto the public site & port number
    that I poked a hole in to get to the SharePoint sbs2011, and it comes up as
    Error Code: 403 Forbidden. The server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Contact the server administrator. (12202)
    but it works locally, on the network.. Any ideas? I'm losing hair! lol

    Thanks in advance =)

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    Re: SBS 2011 Sharepoint through ISA

    Which "hole" did you poke? Specifically, which port?

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