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SBS2003 Server Will not Mirror any more

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  • SBS2003 Server Will not Mirror any more

    I have a problem and wonder if anybody can help? I am running SBS 2003 SP2 with a Microsoft mirror with 2 IDE 200 gig drives. The mirror quit. I tried to reactivate disk with no luck. Reactivate runs and stops with Online (errors). I pulled the disk0 out and replaced with a new 250 gig IDE drive. The system would not boot up. Windows starts and blue screens. I then put back disk0 and pulled disk1 and replaced with new drive. The system booted fine. I defined the new drive as a dynamic disk unallocated. I removed the mirror and defined a new mirror with the new drive. The drive started to resync and ran until about 1% or 2% and then stopped. In the system log it stated there was a bad block so I ran chkdsk with both options set to fix errors. I had a couple of bad blocks. I then repeated the process to set up the mirror with the same results. I then ran chkdsk again with no bad sectors. Now this is where I am. The system seems to run fine without a mirror and I can not get the mirror to work. Do you think running service pack 2 again would help? Any ideas?

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    Re: SBS2003 Server Will not Mirror any more

    Is this hardware or software mirror?
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      Re: SBS2003 Server Will not Mirror any more

      Running SP2 again without a good reason will not usually solve anything. Apart from which, it sounds more like a hardware issue.
      I see that you are tring to use software RAID. This combines with SATA disks will give very poor performance.
      What are you connecting the disks to? You can buy a SATA RAID card for peanuts, and improve performance considerably. There are even Motherboards with SATA RAID built in - though I don't recommend any of those in production as they have known problems, but to buy a SATA RAID and a new disk is not a large expense.

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        Re: SBS2003 Server Will not Mirror any more

        It does sound like you've hardware problems. You could use the Ultimate Boot CD to boot into the manufacturer's hard drive diagnostics and run a full test.

        Either way, make sure you've got some good backups. If you can, I'd suggest taking an image of the system incase the drives give up altogether or attempted repairs cause any problems.

        As teiger says, get a hardware RAID card. We use the Adaptec 1220SA and the way we'd recover from this situation would be to take an image of best hard drive remaining at the moment. If the image is good enough, restore it to a hardware RAID setup. If there's any concerns then forget imaging and do a rebuild/restore to the hardware RAID.

        We've had problems with on board RAID deciding to become on board not RAID all of its own in the past (BIOS resets to default which switches the on board controller to non RAID) so I personally don't like them for the cost of a decent card that remembers its settings.