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Removing clients from the domain

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  • Removing clients from the domain

    Considering SBS and the SBS wizard wants to do everything for me - does it have a function to remove a client from the domain? Or is it just like any old AD environment when you do it manually?

    It has a wizard to join the domain so you would think it would have one to remove it?


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    Re: Removing clients from the domain

    if it's like most SBS domains I've seen, then old computers just never get removed.
    and depending on how and when and by who they were joined, they could exist anywhere in the domain :P
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      Re: Removing clients from the domain

      Assuming that by client you mean computer and assuming the computer is listed in the SBS console, then yes you can remove it via the console and it will remove everything related to that computer. There's no wizard but the console takes care of DNS records and such.

      Removing a user via the console will prsent you with options to remove folders and mailboxes for the user.


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        Re: Removing clients from the domain

        Would you consider a client as a user? I would say a client is a device/workstation and a user is a user account. Anyway thats just me..... Have been using the console and removing the workstations manually, also use dns scavanger...

        Is there any negative side to manually removing clients/workstations?


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          Re: Removing clients from the domain

          I would consider a client to be a computer but everyone has their own way of referring to things, that's why I rferenced both computers and users in my answer.

          The only risk to removing objects manually is that you might miss something, which shouldn't have any affect on anything, so no concerns there.


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            Re: Removing clients from the domain

            Remember to save any relevant user profiles before removing computer from domain - if they have anything relevant in them.

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