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How to change domain name in Certification Authority service?

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  • How to change domain name in Certification Authority service?

    When I created this SBS 2003 box a few years ago I messed up the self signed cert in CEICW. I made it (Confession) when I set this SBS box up, I wasn't really sure of everything I was doing..... Now I am trying to create a domain certificate on our new Team Foundation Server and when doing so the "Online Certification Authority" drop down only shows this I need it to display

    We now have a valid GoDaddy cert for How can I get the Certificate Authority service to use the GoDaddy cert instead of the messed up I tried to run CEICW again using the new cert. The new cert does work with our sites now. But the old still shows up in the Certification Authority service.

    I think I need to uninstall the Certification Authority service, and then reinstall it. But I have read that it is difficult to do so. Please help, I have spent days researching this issue because it looks like there are big ramifications if it is not done correctly.

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    Re: How to change domain name in Certification Authority service?

    IF you did a standard SBS install, then there is no Cert Authority as such installed. You can add one (it was even necessary to issue certs to Nokia phone) and then you can't really remove it.
    The self signed is issued by IIS (using the wizard). You can rerun the wizard and create a new one (as it seems you have done) but then you must distribute it to ALL devices in and outside the network requiring the new certificate.

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