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SBS 2011 Performance - General

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  • SBS 2011 Performance - General


    Just wanted to know from any others looking after SBS 2011 servers what kind of performance utilisation you are seeing. What i mean is I have a current SBS 2011 box on a HPML350 server with a Xeon E5620 CPU and 16gb Ram. Two raid 1 volumes using 15k SAS drives.

    The server has 8 clients connected, and even in the middle of the night with no load, other than standard SBS functions the server utilisation for CPU is around the 30% mark. During peak usage periods its around the 50-60% mark. System process in particular using upto 30% during peak usage times and around 5-10% during off peak usage.

    I have examined the performance with perfmon, xperf and various other tools but cannot see anything standout. Guess my question is, is SBS 2011 that processor intensive? I look after some SBS 2008 boxes and they don't seem to be anywhere near as processor intensive.


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    Re: SBS 2011 Performance - General

    What backup, antivirus and any other relevant products are installed aside from SBS?
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      Re: SBS 2011 Performance - General

      Standard SBS backup, and Trend Micro Worry Free 7 AV


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        Re: SBS 2011 Performance - General

        can anyone with an SBS 2011 server in production tell me what kind of load they see as an average for CPU. I know this is very generic but am just curious to see if they are all rather CPU intensive. Cant pin it down to anything in specific, System, WMI, lsass etc are all quite high hitters.

        Have been base lining the usage over two days now, and during ofpeak average is about 25% CPU, and about 50% during business hours.


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          Re: SBS 2011 Performance - General

          Check Trend as I have read that is has scanning performance issues. Don't know what they are because the info was about upgrading from v6 to v7.
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            Re: SBS 2011 Performance - General


            Looking at one of our customers SBS 2011 (SP1 installed) boxes right now.

            E5520/14GB RAM + ML350 G6. Trend WFBS
            System - 3 x 146gb 10k sas
            data - 3 x 300gb 10k sas

            both RAID5

            15 or so users all using an app that uses SQL - installed on SBS box

            10 - 20% CPU usage during peak time
            Memory 85% - but this is exchange eating up what it can get as I haven't limited the cache size.

            are you software or hardware RAID?


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              Re: SBS 2011 Performance - General

              We have an ML350g6 with 12GB ram running a fresh copy of SBS 2011 along with Trend V7 (Smart Scan on). The early versions of Trend 7 had major problems so we held off upgrading till recently. Make sure you are running version 1417, if not go and get the patch from here

              We have no noticeable CPU issues. I'm watching task manager and its running at less than 5% with the occassional spike up to 10% or down to 1%.

              Memory is pegged flat at 10.2 GB

              We also find it very useful with the HP machines to make sure we are running all the latest firmware and drivers by running all the updates from the Proliant Support Pack. Make sure to check "Use" and on the next stage select to use non bundled products and versions (two separate checkboxes). That way you get the latest updates. We have had a few issues fixed that way.

              Whilst we're talking updates, have you got all the Microsoft Updates on too? I think we still had to click to enable updates for other products in order to get the Exchange and SBS updates.

              On our server, Trend is using the most CPU but it is still negligable - look for coreServiceShell.exe in task manager, that is one of Trend's.

              We tend to stick with RAID 1 these days so that's the main difference in our setups, we have 4 500GB SATA's using the built in hardware RAID to make two separate 500GB arrays.

              You say you have been monitoring the CPU usage and come up with 25%/50% but what processes are actually causing the usage?